Immigration To First World Countries For Greener Pastures

Presently, quite a lot of people have resorted to transferring to countries that belonged to the first world county in order to find much greener pastures. Sadly, however, a significant amount of this percentage has decided to do so in an illegal manner, which is termed as illegal immigration.

What is illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration to the first world countries is actually when foreign nationals violate the policies and regulations set by the US immigration department. They tend to enter the country without obtaining any proper authorization to do so from the US Government.

The illegal immigrants in 2008 amount to about eleven million individuals, from a huge twelve and a half million in 2007. Fifty-seven percent of which goes to Mexicans, twenty-four percent to Latin Americans, specifically in Central America, while nine percent comes from Asia. Other than that, Europeans also make up the six percent and the remaining four percent is fairly distributed all over the globe.

How to become an illegal immigrant?

Individuals can be branded as illegal immigrants when they get to accomplish even just one among three ways. First, if they enter the country without the proper authorization and inspection. Second, is if they decide to stay longer than the date indicated on their Visas. And lastly, the third is when they violate any of the rules that make their entry legal.

If they do not undergo the proper and correct process of entering a country, then they will be tagged as Non-Immigrant Visa Overstayer, around for to five and a half million individuals. They can also be regarded as Border Crossing Card Violators, which amount two hundred fifty thousand up to five hundred thousand individuals. Other than that, they can also be termed as evaders of the Immigration Inspectors and the assigned Border Patrol, which amounts six to seven million.

Using Coyotes

Another means of illegal immigration through the border is to hire certain professionals who are capable of smuggling illegal immigrants across the border in exchange of a particular amount of money. These people are tagged as Coyotes.

Another personís social security card

Another way of entering first world countries illegally is to make use of another personís social security card. Some people will go home to their town and then let another person work in his place back in the United States. This way, both parties actually get to benefit. The citizen gets to accumulate the benefits from the social security, while the other person can enter the country with only a small amount of hassle and actually get a paying job.

Visa overstay

A certain time frame will be provided as indicated in the passport. This period of time should be strictly complied with by the passport owner, otherwise that particular owner will be regarded as a Visa overstay. When the time expires and they still have not left the country, then they will now be considered as immigration-related fugitives.

These just prove that the people today everything that they can just in order to obtain more opportunities for a better life not just for that individual, but for the entire family as well.


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