What is an Image Consultant

A lot of companies and clients use the services of an image consultant to make sure they have a good image with the public. There are various ways of doing this and a few examples include coaching the client, holding presentations, trainings and workshops.

Today, an image consultant is called by different names. In the entertainment business, he or she could be referred to as a fashion stylist, makeover consultant or wardrobe consultant. If a celebrityís image needs to be improved, this person will recommend what clothes to wear, what to buy and what to throw out. The same thing can also happen if there is a need to change the clientís hairstyle or makeup.

Experts say that image consultants are paid very well for their advice. On average, these people earn $50 an hour and if a client keeps on going back to that person, you can just imagine how much the total bill will be. What more when they are consulting other individuals?

But no one becomes an image consultant overnight. You have to go to school to specialize in a field so that person will know you are qualified to give them advice. You can also get training from some companies that believe their mission is to enhance the importance of image consultants.

Once you have finished the program and become certified, you can now offer your services to clients. You can for an organization of start your own business and operate from the home. The first people you can offer it to are your friends and then get other clients through advertising, cold calling and networking.

Of the three, advertising is pretty explanatory since you have since commercials on television, heard it on the radio or seen it on billboards. If you canít afford to do that, hand out calling cards and flyers telling people what you can do and hope that they get in touch with you.

In cold calling, you get the number of a person or an office and offer your services. One thing you should know about this approach is that most of the time, the person you are in direct contact with will say no. This shouldnít discourage you so just keep on trying because the next person you call may need someone like you after all.

When you network, you branch out and get to meet a lot of people. One of your clients could be someone in the same business organization, from the church you attend or any other organization you are a member of. You may also get clients online from such networks such as Facebook or Multiply.

What you do as an image consultant for one person differs from the other. You have to know what is going on first before you can suggest possible solutions. When you do find a client, you must do your best for this person. If you are able to do a splendid job, you are sure that he or she will recommend you to their friends so you can offer similar services.

Image consultancy is a booming business and your clients donít always have to be celebrities. Even the ordinary person needs help sometimes so donít be afraid to walk up to someone and tell them to listen to what you have to offer.


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