All About Online Greeting Cards

Everyone enjoys sending and receiving greeting cards. But not everyone has the money or the time to put into buying and sending greeting cards to their loved ones. That is where online greeting cards come into play.

Online greeting cards are more economical because they cost pennies compared to dollars. Some are even free! Online greeting cards are sent by email, so you also save the cost of postage. If your Christmas card list is especially long, that can be a big bonus!

Online greeting cards are also more personalized. You can set them up with personalized music, graphics, animations, names, ages, anniversary numbers, and other features. This way you know that the person you are sending an online greeting card to really enjoys the online greeting card that they receive. It will be something to be cherished for all time.

Online greeting cards can be found at many websites that you already visit such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Excite, Lycos, and Alta Vista. Online greeting cards can also be found at websites such as Blue Mountain Arts. Do a simple internet search for online greeting cards, and be surprised as you see how many links come up!

Other online greeting cards can be created using your word processing or desktop publishing software with your email. You can create a one page or two column document that you design yourself. This allows for even more personalization for your online greeting card! Insert pictures from a birthday or family reunion, fun graphics related to the person's hobby or one of your own, embed sound files to make it play your voice or a special song, and include your own poetry, story, or message. You can take this online greeting card one step further using Microsoft Word by setting up the greeting as a mail merge, and sending it through your Outlook email to everyone on your list. The mail merge will automatically fill in the personal names and email addresses, so that each online greeting card sent will be just for that person. Create one online greeting card and send it to everyone on your Christmas list at the touch of a button. All for free!

Online greeting card templates can be found to make creating your own online greeting cards simple and easy. They can easily be personalized and altered, just as with other online greeting cards. The difference is that the online greeting card is saved on your computer so that you can use it again and again. You can use these online greeting card templates to do the merge described above and send to everyone on your online greeting card list quickly and easily, but without putting as much effort into the design of the online greeting card.

As you can see, online greeting cards are a great way to send greeting cards to everyone in your family and all of your friends, for any occasion. They can be found by doing a simple internet search, save you money, save time and effort, and allow you to personalize. No doubt about it, online greeting cards are definitely the way to go!


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