What To Expect From Editorial Services?

Are you considering hiring a professional or freelance editor for your manuscript or research paper? If you need to publish your output, there is definitely a need for professional editorial services. Whether you are publishing a term paper, a research output, a manuscript, a dissertation, journal articles, textbooks, instructional materials, or reports, it would be of great help if you would hire editorial services of a reliable and seasoned editor who is well-versed and exposed to your industry or field of study.

What could you expect from editorial services rendered by freelance or professional editors? First, the services should cover copyediting of the document. The editor must make a more intensive review of the document. This is to make an appropriate check for any style, grammar, and typographical error. There is also a need to find cumbersome sentences, incomplete reference citations, and internal consistency. Expect the editor to return to you a copy of the printed document you gave him with markings about suggested changes and corrections.

Second, expect to attain structural or substantive editing of the document. This is more helpful for clients who are not confident enough with their level of English expression and usage. The level of editing used for this service encompasses copyediting and proofreading. Moreover, structural and substantive editing also addresses any deficit in sequencing, presentation, wordiness, repetition of points, and insertion of transitional words. In other words, the paper would be further enhanced for clarity, cohesion, and accuracy.

Third, editorial services rendered by professional and freelance editors would take care of formatting issues. The paper should be adhering to the specific format required. The format should follow prescribed publisher and university guidelines. AP and MLA styles are recommended. This aspect facilitates the establishment of a visually consistent written output with proper attention given to page layout, headings, referencing style, and tables. The editor, as mentioned, should return two copies of the paper back to the client. One copy is the original document while the other is a similar copy with the markings of the changes made. The editor is expecting the author-client to contest any of the errors identified or changes made.

Proofreading is not missed on any editorial service rendered by editors. It should be conducted before the edited document is printed or published. It involves comparing the two copies of the document (an original and a revised version). This is to check for the last time if the required changes have been made. The proofreading task should also check for consistency of layout (heading styles, fonts, page numbers, and captions).

Some editors offer editorial services that cover annotated bibliographies, research proposals, handbooks, design manuals, written reports, summarizations of journal articles, information researches, and research presentations. There are many professional and freelance editors who render such services. You could find and hire them through the Internet. You may also find them through referrals from your colleagues and friends. Give the editor you hire enough time to do the job.


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