The Different Editorial Services Available For Ebook Writers

More and more people are realizing the money making potential of self-publishing an ebook. Nowadays, it is easy to write and publish your own ebook, which can be a powerful tool to promote something that you are selling online. And because of the ease of production of ebooks, there are thousand others like you who aim to get high readership for their ebook. Now, how can you beat the competition? Your ebook should be a cut above the rest. It should offer something different from that of others. Its content should have a distinct angle and great ideas that are expressed clearly—these are what editorial services can help you achieve.

To make sure that your ebook will stand out, it is a wise idea to get an expert advice from an editor who can tell you if the ideas in your ebook have an appeal to its target audience. The editor will share with you some suggestions on how to write your idea in the best possible way. Of course, one of the basic duties of an editor is to check your ebook for grammar errors and typos. But other than making your ebook clean and neat, the editor can make it compelling and engaging enough to capture readers’ attention.

So what can you expect from an editor who you hired to check your ebook? The following are the usual steps taken by an editor or an editing firm to ensure the good quality of your ebook or any written material:

1. Substantive editing. This kind of editing focuses on the structure of the text. The editor checks if the topic is covered sufficiently in the ebook, if the ideas follow a logical sequence, and if every point is discussed clearly. Then the editor will provide you with notes on how to improve your ebook.

2. Line editing. In line editing, your writing is checked at the sentence and paragraph level to ensure clarity and readability.

3. Copyediting. This work is what many people think of as editing. In essence, copyediting is one of the polishing stages of editing. It ensures that your written project is free from errors. The copyeditor checks the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and word choice of your ebook and corrects any errors found.

4. Proofreading. This is the final stage that a written material goes through before publication. It involves checking for errors that have been missed in the copyediting phase. Proofreading also ensures the consistency of fonts, headings, margins, and layout.

For self-publishing writers like you, one of the editorial services you can use is educative editing. The editor serves as the mentor of the writer and provides the kind of guidance that suits the writer’s needs. The writer sends to the editor a section of a written text at a time and then the editor will send it back with his feedback. Then the writer will work on the text based on the suggestions from the editor and will apply what he has learned to the next section.


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