Dressmaking 101

According to surveys, there are about 22 million Americans doing some sewing at home. Last 2007, there are about 31,500 Americans who actually make a profit out of dressmaking. But is dressmaking just for dresses?

Dressmakers also provide tailoring services, pattern making and basic alterations. It is not only important to provide good needle skills, but it is also important to get some good fashion sense, as well. This is why most dressmakers would not only study basic sewing techniques, but would take up fashion and design classes.

The dressmaking industry could be competitive. Not only dressmakers would have to compete with dressmakers like themselves, they would have to share market with the rest of the clothing retail companies. So, it is important to understand the latest fashion trends and also understand what kind of clothes work for different body types.

For some dressmakers training would be by getting hands-on experience. Apprenticeship or internship is something some dressmakers would rather have than training. This would give the actual experience of dealing with customers and day-to-day challenges dressmakers handle.

The first records of dressmaker first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1803. Early dressmakers would be employed by women who do not have dressmakers at home. Most of the fashion ideas would come from the big cities like Paris or London. Early dressmakers would have training by means of apprenticeship. Dressmaking, during that period, requires a lot of fittings. They would also have a trial garment which is referred to as “muslin”.

If you are just starting to learn dressmaking, then start with simple and easy projects. Then gradually increase the difficulty of the projects that you are making. There are beginner patterns which you can follow. Dressmakers do not only follow patterns, they could also make their own patterns or custom-made clothes for different kind of customers, like the disabled, historical costumes, and those who have a different kind of fashion sense.

Dressmaking and sewing have a lot of benefits. The good thing is you would not always be wearing clothes that most of the population wear. You could make your own clothes based on what color and pattern best work for your body. You do not have to rely what’s on the store’s clothing racks.

Aside from your wardrobe, it could also be the same for your home decorations and furnishings. You would be able to make your own curtain, throw pillows, tablecloths and other things. The good thing is the things you have sewn could actually be better since you could pay more attention to its detail and could meet your standards and needs. Aside from that, you do not have to go to dressmakers, or even worse throw your clothes, just for repairs and alterations.

Many dressmakers and hobbyist would say that sewing has a calming and relaxing effect. They also attest that it can even boost their confidence and sense of accomplishment especially if people would comment on how great their products are. Creative outlets, whether it is music, literature or fashion, can be both enjoyable and challenging.

Although dressmaking and sewing comes with a price, that is equipment and maintenance, it still beats the long-term benefits you would have. Think about the money that you have spent on clothes that do not show who you really are and flatter your figure.


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