Packing For A Dominican Republic Holiday

Packing for a trip can easily go from bad to worse. Let's face it, all of us get over excited for a trip that we end up packing half of our closet.

To avoid over- packing, it's a good idea to sit down and list all of the things that you need to bring. Keep in mind that you're only bring the things that you need and not the things that you want to bring. To make packing even easier, come up with a list of things that you will use for each day of your trip. Planning your wardrobe ahead of time would help you avoid bringing clothes that you will not use during your vacation.

Pack A Functional Wardrobe
To be functional means to be able to use your clothes in more than one occasion. Mix-matching clothes are one of the secrets to traveling light. Dominican Republic is a tropical country. Light clothing and neutral colors are pleasant to the eyes and would go well to the country's climate.

The number of items you will bring will depend on how long you will stay in the country. The number of items on the list is for a 3-day to a week trip to the country.

Pants. 2 to 4 pairs of pants that you can easily interchange with the rest of your wardrobe are good enough. Black, white and khaki pants can easily be matched with various colored tops.

Capris or shorts. Bring only a pair of shorts or Capri pants. Use this when you will be touring the city or going on an eco- adventure.

Sundresses. To make packing even lighter, ladies can bring a couple of sundresses. Accessories can easily change the look of these sundresses so you can use them more than once in your trip.

Light tops. 3 to 6 light colored tops or blouses is enough. You can wash these tops so you can use them again and match them with different pants or bottoms.

Swimsuits and cover-up. 2 swimsuits should be enough for your trip. You can use one swimsuit while waiting for the other one to dry. You only need one cover-up, especially when you are bringing a few sundresses. A sundress can double as a cover-up.

2 pairs of shoes. A pair of sandals and sneakers would make walking in the city comfortable and still fashionable for the ladies.

Poncho or lightweight jacket. Depending on the date of your visit, you might experience a few rain falls.


Other Things To Bring

Once you've got your wardrobe covered, it's now time to pack your other essentials.


Your medications. Don't forget to bring the prescription from your doctor to avoid having problems in the airport or police officials.

First aid kit

Sun block and lip balm

Mosquito or insect repellant


Country's travel guide. You can buy this when you get to Dominican Republic already.

Spanish Dictionary. While Spanish is the official language, English is also widely used but a small dictionary might come in handy.

Have a stress-free Dominican Republic Holiday by traveling light and having all the things you need in your bag. Before leaving, make sure you've got everything listed on your list.


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