The Best Disney Movies Of All Time

Regardless of age, gender, status and nationality, everyone has his or her favorite Disney movie. This is because everyone can relate to the stories and the characters in each movie released by the biggest media and entertainment company in the world, the Walt Disney Company.

Through the years, Disney has made its mark by producing movies that are children-friendly and family oriented. But, the company did not stop there. Knowing that they have to continue offering what the market wants, Disney was also able to innovate and produce movies that are mature but are still good natured.

If you are a parent who wants to teach your child about positive values or a teacher who wants to inspire young students, now is the time to allow them to watch a Disney movie. Here are some of the best Disney movies that will surely capture the attention and imagination of kids and those who are kids at heart.

- The Lion King. One of the most memorable Disney movies that have ever been created was The Lion King. Released in 1994, this movie never fails to astound, amaze and inspire people who watch it over and over again simply because it is filled with wit, wisdom, and wonder. Another reason why it is such a hit is because it features talking animals that instantly captures the attention of the viewer. The movie tells about the story of a young lion named Simba who was born to be the king of the jungle. In his quest for his rightful claim against the villain Scar, Simba goes through a lot of challenges and also meets a lot of friends such Timon the meerkat, Pumbaa the warthog, and Rafiki the baboon who helped him to be a strong and wise leader. The movie features a lot of popular actors including Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, and Whoopi Goldberg among others.

- The Little Mermaid. This movie is one great way to introduce kids to the wonders of the ocean through lovable sea characters. Released in 1989, this Disney movie tells a story of a young and beautiful mermaid named Ariel who is dreaming to live in the world humans because of love. In order to get what she wants, Ariel would made deals with the villain named Ursula and would soon realize that nothing is impossible with the power of love. One great thing about this movie is it features singing and dancing underwater creatures that anybody can enjoy.

- Toy Story. Released in 1995, this Disney movie made so many kids see their toys in a different perspective. This wonderful movie tells the story of a toy cowboy named Woody. All his life, he was the favorite toy of a young boy named Andy. Because he was the favorite, Woody has always been confident that Andy would not give him up. This realization ended when Buzz Lightyear came into the scene and he was no longer Andy's favorite.

This story tells the courage of Woody who fights his way back into Andy's attention and out of the yardsale box. This Disney movie became a hit to kids and also adults because it featured a lot of popular voices such as Tom Hanks and Tim Allen among others.


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