Which Disney Princess Are You?

Every girl dreamt of becoming a Disney princess once in their lives. This is because girls tend to look for amazing characters that they would look up to. Even if these characters are not real, many young girls continue to consider these princesses as their preferred career option when they grow up.

Whether you still believe in fairy tales or not, it is still a good thing to dream of living a princess' life once in a while. This will stimulate imagination and will also help you to escape from stressful life in the real world.

If you are wondering which Disney princess, here's a quick rundown of the most popular princesses that world's biggest media and entertainment conglomerate has ever released:

1. Cinderella. For mistreated girls who never cease to dream for happy endings, then Cinderella is the perfect Disney princess for you. She is considered as the most favorite Disney princesses of all time because she epitomizes a strong yet kind hearted woman. Her story appeals so much to many girls because the story Cinderella tells that despite the hardships in life, one can still find true love and happiness. In fact, Cinderella became a standard to those who are dreaming of "living happily ever after". Who can ever forget the glass shoes, the fairy god mother and the evil step sisters? Indeed, this princess will continue to win the hearts of many girls in the next generations to come.

2. Snow White. For beautiful girls who somehow suffer for their physical assets, Snow White is you Disney Princess. She is another Disney princess favorite because Snow White is the most beautiful princesses ever created. In fact, it is because of her beauty that her evil step mother Queen Maleficent wanted to kill her. But then, Snow White was able to be triumphant in the end when she got the help of the Seven Dwarves. For her beauty alone, many children still consider Snow White as their favorite princess until now.

3. Belle. If you are the nerdy type, then Belle is the perfect Disney princess for you. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is considered as the first "nerdy" princess released by Disney for she loves to read a lot of books and would spend a lot of time day dreaming. Belle is also very pretty but is often commended for her courage to see beyond what they eyes let her see. She also proved that physical beauty is not everything when she fell in love with the cursed Beast.

4. Aurora or Briar Rose. For girls who are judged easily based on their looks and the things that they do, Aurora is their Disney princess. The beautiful lady in "Sleeping Beauty," many see this Disney character as boring for she has been sleeping all throughout. But in reality, princess Aurora has one of the most interesting lives there is. When a witch cast a spell on her, princess Aurora was forced to leave the castle with her parents and changed her name to Briar Rose to be able to live. But then again, the curse still got the best of her and was lulled into a deep sleep until the love of her life came to rescue her with a kiss.


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