Holiday Camping In France

The holidays are always a good time to go camping. And what more exciting is planning a holiday camping experience in France. The country is filled with thousands of campsites where you can enjoy a camping of a lifetime. Not to mention that France is a romantic and beautiful country to begin with so what you will experience is a double treat really: the great outdoors plus the scenic and picturesque landscape of France.

Camping is a totally different experience most especially for people who have been outside or people that have been too accustomed to hotels, inns, or bed and breakfast places. The open space, the chilling air, the trees, shrubs, and night sky are just a few of the perks that one enjoys when camping out. This is something that most camp “purists” recognize as one of the best things that cannot be rivaled by any hotel.

The freedom to move about is something that cannot be replicated by any hotel. This is also probably the reason why some camp managers would establish camp sites filled with hotel-like amenities. These sites are geared towards people that want to enjoy the great outdoors but at the same are unable to survive without specific amenities.

The holidays are a great time to go camping in France. Although you might be greeted with full campsites don’t feel down since there are other campsites where you can go to. There are more than 10,000 campsites scattered all over France. If the first place you went to is full chances are there would be another campsite nearby which could turn out to be more rewarding that your first choice. One way to have a sure selection of campsites is by getting a guide of the area. A good book or travel guide will show you a selection of campsites.

Now with the selection of campsites covered, the next steps you will need is to prepare the things for camping. Camping in France, more often than not, usually involve some wine especially when the campsite in a nearby vineyard. There are times when campsite owners will give away wine straight from their vineyard or include them in the campsite fees.

Despite the camping fees, more and more people are beginning to prefer the camping or outdoor experience since it is still cheaper that getting hotel rooms. This is true especially if you will be traveling with a large group or with your family members. Holiday rates in hotels are pretty expensive as well.

The campsites all over France offer a pretty great alternative for vacationers who want to visit different parts of France with just the minimum of expense. Plus, camping is a great experience to share with your family. You kids might not have had any camping experience before this which makes the trip more memorable. Just think about it, your kids’ very first camping experience is in France. That is a story worth telling to their grandchildren.

Holiday camping in France is a rewarding experience. It is not that difficult either if you plan carefully. Make sure to have camping guides with you as reference materials. Be comforted with the fact that the camping industry in France is well organized enough that you won’t experience that too much of a problem despite the country being a destination of Brits, Dutch, Americans, and other foreigners.

It is one of the more popular camping ground in the world, after all.


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