Everyday Techniques In Dealing With Dyslexia

As an adult with dyslexia, you are not excused in dealing with day to day tasks that you need to complete for your survival. Thus, practicing some ways on how to deal with the common problems caused by the condition can be very beneficial, one way or another.

Reading Aloud

Reading aloud can be very helpful, in a way that you get to identify your mistakes and monitor your speech. Using a tape recorder for this technique is often the way to do it.

In this technique, you read out aloud while recording on your recorder. Then, you play back what you have just recorded and listen if you can detect some mistakes.

Your recorder acts as your “spotter” for the reading mistakes that you commit.

Time Keeping

Keeping track of time, appointments and schedules can be one problem that a dyslexic can face. Making use of the 24 hour clock format is one way so that you wouldn’t be confused on whether the time is during the night or day.

Writing What You Can Remember

Sometimes, when you are reading something long, you can have a hard time comprehending what you have just read. One way to cope up with this is through writing down what you can remember from what you have just read. For example, for every page that you finish, you write down ideas on your notebook.

However, this condition may seem to be a long process, since you would have to write everything that is on your mind. Nonetheless, even though it generally takes some time, it is very helpful during the long run.

Light It Right

The lighting of your environment can be very crucial, especially when you have dyslexia. Many have found that reading under bright lighting tends to slow down their reading. This is why having the right kind of light is important. Some find comfort in reading under soft white light, or even completely dim lighting.

Get Your Thoughts Back

When you are taking in too much information, you have a harder time on understanding what you are trying to learn. Thus, if you feel that you are not being productive anymore due to too much information, then it is about time that you take a break.

You should get your thoughts back in line. You can do this by simply taking a long leisurely walk outside and getting some fresh air. You can also try going to a quiet place, where you can do some meditation.

Finger spelling

If you have bad spelling skills, using the finger spelling method can be helpful to you. It works by putting up a finger for each phoneme or sound that you hear within the word. This method enables you to "see" the sounds. It can also work out which sounds are missing.

Using A Keyboard

Some people with dyslexia find it easier if they are spelling words through the use of a keyboard. The keys can sometimes give a calming effect to some individuals, while writing by hand can just cause the opposite.

These are some of the random ways on how you can ease up the effects of dyslexia in your life. The said techniques are often subjective, and can be helpful or not, depending on your condition.


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