How to Start Your Acting Career

Most celebrities started playing small roles on television and in the movies before they got their big break. So if you plan to start your acting career, chances are you will have to endure the same thing until a director or executive producer sees that you are ready for a major role.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want to be a professional actor. This simply means that you have to be committed to it. This may mean sacrificing a bit and doing some things along the way just to move a step ahead. You might feel bad about doing it but it is a reality that happens.

Once you have psyched yourself up, it is time to pack up your bags and move to a major city. You can either travel to New York or Los Angeles since most of the shows and box office hits are planned there.

Before a show or movie is made, hundreds of people come out for an audition. You might get lucky the moment you arrive but given that you donít have any credentials yet, donít count your eggs till they hatch. The best way to harness your acting skills will be to enrol in an acting class.

There are many places that host acting classes both in New York and Los Angeles. So you donít waste your time, donít be afraid to ask around or ask questions when you go around looking for one by talking to the speakers and most especially the students.

When you are ready, it is time to tell the world who you are by sending out resumes and pictures of yourself.

Since there are so many producers and directors, it pays to read trade papers regularly like Variety or Backstage so you will know what movies are being made and where the casting is taking place. Since you are already there, try to request for an audition even if it is just a small part. Again, this is part of building your resume.

If there are special events in the industry or parties, make it a point to accept the invitation. This will also give you the opportunity to meet directors, producers and even the actors themselves.

It is not easy to jumpstart your acting career especially when you are just starting out in the business. One thing you should be cautious about are scam artists that will tell you they can make you famous when all they will really do is steal your money or exploit you.

Some of these individuals may pretend to be talent agents and if they tell you to pay a certain amount upfront, run because they only get paid when they land you a job and not before.

Being cast part of a show is like applying for a job. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you donít. If someone else is chosen, donít feel bad because there will be other opportunities in the future.

While waiting, try to improve your skills some more by enrolling again in another class or looking for better opportunities elsewhere. You have to remember that people do not watch actors or actresses only on television or the big screen when there is also Broadway.

Proper training, persistence and patience are some of the virtues that you need in order for you to have a successful acting career.


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