How To Choose The Best Spinning Wheel

If you are looking for the right spinning wheel that will render the best quality results, you have to choose the one that best suits your needs, and not anybody else's. The spinning wheel that your friend has may not be right for you, depending on your personal preference and style of working. You should consider a few features to get the best model.

The Available Features

First, consider portability. If you are attending spinning and weaving classes, it is important that you master your own machine. Pick the spinning wheel that you can conveniently bring to classes, spin-in workshops and other places during vacation. You should also consider the available space you have and where you intend to store the item during travel like your car or the overhead compartment of an airplane. If you have enough space, you may pick a more stylish spinning wheel to double as a decorative piece.

Pick the best spinning wheel that gives you enough comfort. You should feel very confident and comfortable in your spinning position as you work. The treadle should be quiet, and the bobbins easy to manage. You can upgrade some types of spinning wheels as you progress in your work and skills. You can also purchase a whorl or fast flyer for high speed spinning. If you need to replace some parts in the future, make sure you have the supplier at hand.

On Style

Experts recommend choosing a spinning wheel based on its features and not on the aesthetic features only. You may find that some of the most beautiful designs are very uncomfortable to handle, depending on your height and arm reach. If you are advanced in terms of skill and want to use the spinning wheel as decoration in the living room, you can pick a visually aesthetic one, considering it also has all the needed features.

On the Treadle

You should choose between getting a single treadle or a double treadle. A double treadle wheel is advantageous if you intend to spin for several hours at a time. The double treadle requires you to sit upright just in front of the wheel. You can prevent back pains this way and continuously spin. If you are a beginner or have gotten used to the single treadle, then you can still stick with this one. Choosing between a single or double treadle is actually a matter of personal preference.

Accessories to Add

Find the right skein winders that can wind various sizes of yarn. There are adjustable types that are very easy to use. Skein winders can wind yarn faster and is ideal if you have a lot of yarn to wind. You can also wind the yarn into a ball easily using adjustable skein winders. Another great accessory is the umbrella swift, which can hold yarn skeins well. These can quickly be wound into balls. The devices are available in a wide array of sizes and may either be wood or metal. Ball winders can create center pull balls that you can easily stack.


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