5 Ways to Profit From No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (No Child Left Behind) is designed to reform and improve student achievement and change the culture of America's schools. According to this reform act each state must measure every public school student's progress in reading and math in each of grades 3 through 8 and at least once during grades 10 through 12. By school year 2007-2008, assessments (or testing) in science will be underway. These assessments must be aligned with state academic content and achievement standards. They will provide parents with objective data on where their child stands academically.

Parents may not be aware that their school is required by law to offer school sponsored activities to promote parent involvement, and there are special funds allocated for these activities. The funds are used to pay trainers, facilitators, and instructors, along with the materials used in these trainings, food and child care services so parents can focus on the information being delivered.

The seminars, workshops, and trainings are designed to assist parents in helping their student's academic achievement and performance.

Teachers, parents, business professionals, and all others who may be interested in helping parents help their children learn may be interested in creating a workshop, seminar and/or training for parents. Below are five suggestions for offering activities that will benefit parents and their children.

1. If education is your background, and you are a displaced teacher, become a Supplemental Educational Services Provider. Contact your State Department of Education to get more information on how you can qualify to become a Supplemental Educational Services Provider offering tutorial services to children who meet the criteria for those services. You will be paid through Title I funding received by the school district where you apply to service.

2. There is always a need for Parent Educators. Parent Educators teach parents how to "be better parents." They focus on parenting skills, disciplinary skills, learning how to help with homework, help with standardized test taking and more. Contact your local school district to get more information on how you can become a Parent Educator offering workshops or seminars to parents in your school district. You will be paid through Title I funding received by the school district where you apply to serve. Visit www.detroitk12.org to see a sample of the seminars offered to parents.

3. Educational professionals with a Science background should gear up to prepare for the 2007-2008 science assessment that will be required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002. Do you have a gift for gabbing about science? Do you know how to write educational materials for children centered on science? There will be a need for such items in the not too distant future and now is the time to prepare your goods. Summer time science packets that children can work on and workshops for parents, again all paid for by Title I funding will be needed. Contact your local school district with a proposal; they will be glad you did.

4. It is no secret that if your child goes to a public school, private school, religious school, or if they are home schooled, at some point in their life they will have to deal with standardized test. Are you a wiz at taking this type test? Are you a wiz at doing research to understand how to take this type test? Provide a workshop for parents so they can understand how to help their children. Every parent wants their child to have an upper hand when it comes to test taking skills. Contact your local school district and local library with a proposal, this service may even warrant a website.

5. Title I will pay for child care services for parents participating in parent involvement seminars/workshops. The child care service provider must be licensed and insured and willing to provide activities for a wide range of ages. According to the NCLB Title I requirements, child care services should be offered where schools offer parent workshops so parents can focus on the content being offered. If you operate a daycare center you may want to check with your local school district, or a local school in your area to see if your services are needed. The funding for payment is through the Title I (1%+ Parent Involvement Funding). For more information contact your school district or state No Child Left Behind Title I Office.

Detra D. Davis is a technical writer with over 20 years of experience. She writes technical and operational manuals, and works for a large school district in the Midwest.. Detra may be reached at 313-446-0896, at http://www.supportingourchildren.com or by mail at J. Davis & Associates Publishing, P. O. Box 44782, Detroit, MI 48244-0782, Attention: Detra D. Davis.

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