What A Former Stay At Home Mom Knows About Creating A Stunning Resume That You Dont

Recently I was asked to touch up a friend's resume. Her challenge was simple. She was a stay-at-home mom who had not worked in four years. A difficult task however, with the information in this section, I generated a listing of skills she did not know she had. Here is a partial list. (Organized, patient, detail oriented, energetic, ability to multitask, works well under pressure and capable of meeting deadlines) Now ask yourself, what company would not want their new employee to showcase these skills?

The resume is a job search tool that highlights accomplishments by stating your

profile, experience and education in a brief, yet concise, summary.

Why A Resume?

The resume is your first introduction to the employer. It is the first work sample they will see. Your resume should interest the reader to the degree that he or she wants to interview you. Remember the process of selection is first a process of elimination. Employers use the resume to determine whom they will call for further consideration.

For the resume, select white, cream, beige or gray colored paper. Brightly colored paper does not enhance a resume! A good bond is preferable over color. Buy envelopes to match the paper you select. Never handwrite your address; a handwritten envelope is very unprofessional. If you have spent time preparing the perfect resume and have printed it onto quality paper, don't blow it with a poor presentation. By sending your information in a cheap envelope that you have scribbled an address across, the whole positive effect is destroyed. KEY POINTS TO CREATING A WINNING RESUME

? Resumes do not get job offers; they are successful if you are offered an interview.

? Describe your experience, not the job.

? Keep terminology simple and direct. Avoid technical jargon unless the resume is specifically targeted to a company or industry that understands the terms. Remember, the first person who sees the resume may be a clerical person and may not be familiar with the terminology. Use sparingly.

? Your resume is a personal marketing brochure, be sure to highlight relevant work experience and accomplishments.

? Support your profile throughout your resume.

? Resumes are not read ? they are skimmed. Often, first impressions are made within 10-20 seconds.

? Appearance is paramount! Neatness counts. The resume must be perfect. No typos or misspelled words. (Don't rely on spell checker). A proofreading hint: read the document backwards.

Tip: Make sure your resume has a clear focus. Like many, you probably have experience in more than one field. Be careful not to sue one resume for all situations. Instead, create two or more resumes that show your abilities as a?and another that stresses your experience in?Target each to the specific companies that are looking for those specific skills.

Tip: Stress your achievements in your resume. Support your profile by providing specific (use numbers of sales made or people recruited, etc.) evidence of past and future accomplishments that prove you add value. Outline how you have made improvements, saved your former employer money, done innovative work, or solved problems. Do this and companies will want to interview you because they believe that you can do the same for their enterprise.

Brian Stephenson is the author of, "Job Search Boot Camp", the most hard-hitting, step-by-step job search course that takes each student by the hand and shows them how to create powerful resumes that get results, stunning cover letters that command interviews, and winning interview thank you letters that get you hired? Imagine for a moment what is possible for you if you had access to these forbidden secrets. For more information on the Job Search Boot Camp course, visit http://www.JobSearchBootCamp.com

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