Have You Heard Of Website Optimization

Have you heard of website optimization ? If you are building a website or have a new one and you have never heard of it, then you had better take note, because if you want to climb the ladder on the search engines it is something you need to learn about. Website optimization means optimising your website so the search engine spiders will love it.

If you have not already done so, then you need to choose a domain name that will compliment your website. For instance if you are building a business website then choose something to do with business. Think up a few as you due to all the millions of websites out there you might have to put in four or five before it is accepted.

Next decide what keywords you are going to use, these need to be in your title and spread lightly throughout your index page. you will also put your keywords into your meta tags and description. The meta tags go into the header of your website, if you are unsure how meta tags should look just go to a website in the searches and click on view on your pc, then click on source. This will show you the HTML of that website, scroll to the top of the page and between the and you will see the meta tags. Links are an important part of optimization. When the spider finds loads of links from other websites to yours then you will see your pr going up.When you ask another webmaster for a reciprocal link, never demand, always ask in a nice polite way, and always make sure their link is on your website before you ask. If they don't reply in one month then you can easily delete it. An easy way to remember who has linked to you is to place a star in front of, it, or make your link page into two sections, as they reply with a link then you can move their link up to the top section. Finally try your hand at writing articles, you may think you will be hopeless at it, but once you start it is surprising what you will come up with, every one has interests of some kind, just write as if you telling someone about it an article will appear like a miracle.

Now when your website is finished and you have completed all the tasks set, don't sit back and think hurray that's all done, because you are just at the beginning. If you really want to reach the top of those searches then spend at least an hour a day adding new content to your website, your pages will mount up and so will your PR.

With in six to nine months you should reach the top twenty if you have done a good job.

Sylvia White
Author and owner of http://www.sylviawh.co.uk

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