Gas Stoves - Pros and Cons

Gas stoves are those preferred by professionals. The heat distribution is more even than that of electric stoves, and heat precision is more accurate. For example, if you turn down the heat on a gas stove, the heat change is immediate and precise, where as on an electric, the heat change is more gradual. A gas stove also creates less overall heat. This doesn't mean that it won't cook your food as fast, it just means that you will have a cooler kitchen. Since it produces less heat, you're stove top will also be cooler which will prevent unnecessary burns. Since the flatness of the stove top must be very precise in order to have even heat distribution, you have to be very careful when purchasing an electric or smooth top stove. Whereas with gas stoves, the flatness is not important, because the heat is coming from a flame and not the pot's direct contact with the stove. Gas stoves also produce a moist heat, which can be good for when you are cooking roasts or casseroles and don't want them to dry out.

On the other hand, the cons of owning a Gas stove include that these types of oven are hotter on the top that the bottom, so in order to cook foods evenly, you will have to rotate them. Gas stoves do not have any direct heat coming from the top, so it is not ideal for cooking something that needs to brown and crisp on the top. There is also the chance of having a gas leak. While this chance is very small it does exist, so you will want to be extra careful if you have children using you're stove. Electric stoves also have more options, such as fans, and top and bottom grillers, so they can be more functional that gas ovens. Gas ovens are often more expensive and not as common, giving you less options when choosing your stove.

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