Angelo Carbotti Handbag Line Karen

As some of you might already know Angelo Carbotti handbags are designed and made in Italy. Pelletteria Carbotti was established in Martina Franca around 1950. It is one of the most appreciated Italian manufacturers of high-quality handbags for ladies.

The latest addition to their ever changing collection is the Karen Line. This handbag Line exists out of three models: 1051, 1052 and 1053.

*Model 1051 is one of the coolest handbags of the fabulous Carbotti collection: a trendy model made of very fine chamois leather with nice inserts in printed python patterns. The buckle has an original reel mechanism, enriched by Swarovski-like gems.A very stylish model offering a gorgeous look for both ceremony and special events. The shape is like an envelope. The size is (in cm): 30x15x6. This model comes in six colors: Dark Brown, Black, All Printed Python Dark Brown, Suede Camel - Printed Python Brown, Printed Python Black - Brown and Trend Calfskin - Printed Python Brown.

*Model 1052 has an moon like shape. The size is (in cm): 30x28x4. This model comes in three colors: Dark Brown, Black and Olive Green - Green.

*Model 1053 has an rectangular like shape. The size is (in cm): 40x21x8. This model comes in four colors: Dark Brown, Black, Olive Green - Green and Medium Brown - Dark Brown.

The great care for each product makes Carbotti bags a "cult" of craftsmanship and "Made in Italy" design. Unmatched quality and the use of the finest materials are the main distinctive features of Carbotti's handbags.

Frank Heymans is a leather goods professional, feeling the pulse of fashion with every season that passes. You can visit his website: if you like to get more info on Carbotti handbags.

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