How You Can Be The New It Girl

I was reading an Instyle magazine article featuring Sharon Stone. You know, that Basic Instinct actress who happens to be a genius, with an IQ worthy of Mensa.

At 47, she still is a stunner. The sexy blonde woman who raises the temperatures of men is far from a bimbo. As a kid, she would hide in her closet, reading, of all things, the encyclopedia.

Brainy girls usually end up as geeks in school. Or do they?

Sharon Stone a geek?

Now that would be hard to imagine.

Apparently, the summer before her senior year, she blossomed into a glamour girl. She bought new boots, white jeans, changed her name, and went back to school as the new girl. From a geek to the beauty guys want to date.

Geek or prom queen? It is all in the way you present yourself.

Take the new term as a chance to reinvent yourself completely. Your studies need not be affected. You can still put in as much dedication to your school work as before your image change, but that does not mean you have to look like a geek to be smart.

Start off by switching from glasses to contact lenses. That alone makes a world of difference.

You might want to go all the way be changing your hair color. Go to a professional to have it done the first time around. With the help of an experienced stylist, get the ideal hair color and cut to suit your coloring and face shape.

If you like, you can even change the color of your eyes with colored contact lenses.

If you do not use make up, now is the time to begin. Start with the basics. Black mascara and a few lipsticks you can mix around to create different colors. Black mascara darkens and lengthens your eye lashes, framing your eyes beautiful. Black mascara is dramatic. Drawing attention to your eyes. As for the lipsticks, get at least 3 lipsticks. 1 red lipstick, 1 darker brown lipstick and 1 lighter pink lipstick. With these, you can mix the colors to get countless different shades of flattering lip colors. Experiment with these to create your new look. A day look and a night look.

Next comes the wardrobe revamp. Rather than get lots of cheap items, invest in a few key items you would wear every day. Get a pair of jeans that makes you look your very best, a gorgeous jacket and a pair of great looking boots. These 3 items can define your new look.

Now get a few tops you can wear each day. Blouses are back, so a pretty blouse is a must. A few long sleeved t-shirts, well chosen are what you need next. Finally, a beautiful wrap would complete that look. You can get all these in the back to school section of

If you have the time, go for deportment classes. Better yet, go for modelling classes to learn to walk like a model on the catwalk.

With your new look, wardrobe and walk, you'll turn heads as the new girl in school.

The writer is the webmaster of Sisterly Advice which touches on clothes, study tips, skin care and other concerns of teenagers.

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