Cheap and Easy Domain Name Registration

Just like any business, your identity is very important. On the World Wide Web, your domain name is your identity. Of course, you can opt for a subdomain name that comes with many free web hosting like But if you are serious about being successful on the Internet, you have to get your own domain name, like

Top 10 reasons to have your own domain name

Please note that all domain names listed in italic are ficticious:
  • It is cheap and easy to get your own domain name (less than $15/year in most cases)
  • You own the name (as long as you pay the annual fee)
  • You are not dependent on one web hosting company to let you use a subdomain, or worse, a subdirectory
  • Your web site promotion effort does not go to waste if you change your web hosting company (because the domain name remains the same regardless of what host you use)
  • The domain name can be optimized to your business, like
  • Your web site is more professional
  • The domain name is easier to remember. For instance, rather than
  • It is much easier to sell a web site with its own domain name
  • A good domain name can be an asset
  • It is cheap and easy to get your own domain name (this one is worth repeating)
  • How to register for a domain name

    Please note that all domain names listed in italic are ficticious:
  • Think of appropriate name for that suit the theme of your web site. For instance, an online dating service may find domain name like, more desirable than say
  • Search for domain name availability. Every domain name registrar will provide you with a search tool; although some search tools are better than other. You will have to do a lot of searches because a lot of domain name that you wish to have is probably already owned by someone else (very common).
  • As you come across available domain names that you like, jot them down. Keep searching until you have about 3-5 different domain names to choose from.
  • Choose a domain name and register it at a domain name ICANN Accredited registrar.
  • Other factors to consider

    • Initially, you will want the .com version of your domain name. If your internet business takes off, you may want to consider registering other first-level domains (i.e., .net) of your domain name and perhaps even similar domain names to prevent mistaken identity
    • Use domain name registrar that will register the domain under your name under all contacts information (perhaps with the exception of technical contact). It should be clear that you own the domain name.
    • Use domain name registrar that provide good online account support.
    • Use automatic domain name renewal if you are planning to own the domain name long-term

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